Online Pokies in New Zealand

  • Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

Online Pokies have always been popular with online gamblers in New Zealand. For access to over 50 casinos offering online pokies and table games to Kiwis, click here: { }


What are online Pokies?

Pokies is used in New Zealand and Australia for slot machines. Online Pokies are found in online casinos. There are various types of online Pokies with various reel configurations and bonus features.

Online Pokies, or video slots games, also includes bonus features such as free spins and multipliers. These bonus features allows the New Zealand punter to double and even quadruple their winnings.

Types of online Pokies

As with land-based casinos in New Zealand there are various types of online pokies. These cater for the most basic to the most sophisticated online gamblers. Let's look at the types of Pokies.

3-Reel Pokies

These are the most basic Pokies and they feature 3 reels and 1 to 5 pay lines. They could have extra bonus features but it will be very basic double up features.

  • 3-Reel Pokies
  • 5-Reel Pokes
  • Progressive Pokies

5-Reel Pokies

These are the most advanced Pokies and they can have anything up to 100 pay lines. They have immersive and entertaining bonus features. Some 5-reel pokies also feature animated way pays.

Jackpot Pokies

Progressive Jackpot Pokies are networked 5-reel slot games where players contribute to a central pot. These offer the usual bonus features of normal 5-reel Pokies with the added promise of huge jackpot payouts.

Other online Pokie types

Another type of online Pokies type are mobile Pokies. HTML5 technology allows game providers to offer the same 5-reel Pokie experience between desktop and mobile devices. Enjoy Pokies on iOS or Android devices.

  1. Mobile Pokies
  2. Video Pokies

Video Pokies are advanced slots featuring advanced 3D graphics, sound and video animations. These technological advancements also manifest in the bonus features of the Pokies to allow for a more immersive gambling experience.

How do online Pokies work?

Basically you bet and spin. The aim it to align various symbols on a series of paylines. Some Pokies allow you to nudge the reels after the result for an additional bet.

What are Paylines?

3-Reel pokies have the most basic paylines. You have to align similar symbols on the central line. With 5-reel Pokies this becomes more complicated but the chance of winning is better.

What are Bonus features

Bonus features can appear at any time like random cash wins. Others are triggered if certain symbols line up on the paylines. These can be Wilds or Scatters triggering additional bonus features.

What are Scatters?

Scatters or scatter symbols play an important role in the bonus features of a Pokie. They are special symbols or icons that do not necessarily need to line up to trigger bonus rounds.

What are Free Spins?

Free Spins are the most popular bonus feature in online Pokies. They come in many versions but are normally triggered by a combination of scatter symbols. Free spins will normally have multipliers attached.

To conclude online Pokies

There is no doubt that New Zealand online gamblers are facing an exciting time with the market accepting more online casino operators. These operators are going to bring a plethora of Pokie choices.

These new online casinos will bring new game providers to the market. The availability and choice of additional online Pokies will probably increase exponentially and so too will the bonus features.